Version 6.5.0
Released May 29, 2018
• Support for QuarkXPress 2018 with ContactPage XT 6.5 and new installer
• Changed several interface controls for easier readability
• Addresses an issue when adding new pages in Adobe InDesign
• Better compatibility with macOS High Sierra
• Several other fixes and improvements.

Version 6.1.0
Released August 7, 2017
• Support for QuarkXPress 2017 with ContactPage XT 6.1
• Addresses an issue when renaming custom presets
• Several other fixes and improvements.

What’s New In Version 6.0.0
Released February 23, 2016
• 64-bit application
 Adds the ability to place text watermarks for each picture or each page
 Specify angle, box height and opacity for watermarks
 New panels to control headers and footers
 New caption tokens: Aperture, F Number, Latitude, Longitude
 Auto rotate to fit: automatically rotates the picture frame according to image dimensions
 New preference to clear picture list on quit
 New interface: file list is always visible
 Large preview and info for selected picture in list
 New icon to show select image in preview
 Faster rendering of live preview
 New caching of picture previews for faster navigation
 Hit Option key at startup to reset preferences
 Apple Pages is no longer supported
Several fixes and stability improvements.
What’s New.
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