ContactPage Pro is the easiest way to create professional-looking contact sheets of images with captions.
Use ContactPage Pro to create picture catalogs, proof sheets, photo books,
or anytime you need to quickly browse or print pictures with full descriptive text captions.

ContactPage Pro can then build a PDF, image file, slideshow, or page layout document – using Adobe InDesign or
QuarkXPress – with all the necessary pages, backgrounds, images and captions customized to your liking.

ContactPage Pro allows you to choose between several export formats when building
the contact sheet. Select a Slideshow to simply browse the contact sheet on-screen.
Select PDF to build, save and print a PDF file. Select Images to save the sheet as JPEG,
TIFF or PNG, one file for each page.
Or choose from any of the most popular page layout software packages for building
documents: Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. ContactPage Pro will create fully
editable documents, together with character and paragraph style sheets so you can
then make global changes easily.
Multiple output formats to choose from.
ContactPage Pro captions can be made to describe their corresponding images in complete
detail. You can not only choose the picture name but several other picture attributes as well: full
path, file size, kind, color model, image resolution, creator application, date modified,
dimensions, camera aperture, focal length, and GPS information, among others.

To compose the captions, ContactPage Pro brings you easy-to-use placeholder labels
represented by blue “tokens” that can be combined with any custom text or special characters.
Format the captions by choosing the desired font, color, size, justification and vertical alignment.
ContactPage Pro allows you to easily place headers, footers
and watermarks for each page of the contact sheet. Choose
the placement, text and variable placeholders to compose
them, as well as text font, size, justification and color.
Text watermarks can also be placed automatically on each
picture, with any custom opacity and angle.
Captions with placeholders and embedded image info.
Use custom presets to save settings currently chosen in ContactPage Pro. For example, you
can have presets for different page sizes and grids, PDF or InDesign output, etc. You can easily
redefine, revert, add, rename, and remove presets.
Sets of custom presets can also be saved and loaded when needed, which makes it easy to
share them within the workplace.
Define and manage custom presets.
Headers, footers, and watermarks.
The easy-to-follow settings in ContactPage Pro give you
complete control to customize the look and contents of the final
contact sheet. You can specify margins, page size and
background, grid rows and columns, picture fitting, headers,
footers, watermarks, box colors and shapes, strokes, drop
shadows, opacities, and more.

And ContactPage Pro comes with an interactive preview that
takes away the guesswork by showing you exactly how the
contact sheet looks as you change the settings.
Easy to use, yet professional results.
Build professional image contact sheets quickly and easily.
ContactPage Pro
ContactPage Pro
To output InDesign documents, ContactPage Pro 6.6 requires Adobe InDesign CC 2017-2020
To output QuarkXPress documents, ContactPage Pro 6.6 requires QuarkXPress 2020 or 2018
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